Safe Routes Partnership Impact and Focus

In all that we do, the Safe Routes Partnership aims to advance policy change, catalyze support for healthy communities, foster a commitment to equity in active transportation, and share our deep expertise to improve support for walking and bicycling to school and beyond.

Today more than 17,000 schools are benefiting from the many positive outcomes of federal Safe Routes to School programs. An estimated 6.8 million children now enjoy safer sidewalks and pathways for walking and bicycling to school, bicycle and pedestrian safety education, and encouragement programs.

We were founded on the vision of collective impact and shared leadership and are proud to be joined by more than 800 partners affiliate who are commited to working together to grow the Safe Routes to School movement nationwide. Learn more about partnering with us here. The Safe Routes Partnership provides crucial support to these efforts: promoting walking and bicycling, advancing safety and physical activity through policy change, and encouraging healthy community design that enhances livability and quality of life in all communities.

Our work is guided by four focus areas of our 2016-2021 strategic plan:

Improving Policies, Programs, and Infrastructure: Every community in America should have safe walking and bicycling options to school and in everyday life with supportive policies for Safe Routes to School and healthy community design ensuring permanent commitment to active and healthy communities at the federal, state, local, and school district levels.

Advancing Social Equity: Kids of every income, race, ability and ethnicity—especially in low-income communities and communities of color—deserve to have safe routes to school and access to healthy communities. There will be systems in place to support the successful implementation of Safe Routes to School programs in these communities, with higher levels of capacity and community engagement to achieve changes the communities’ desire.

Partnering With Purpose: We aim to cultivate support in all sectors, and encourage collaboration across sectors to champion Safe Routes to School, active transportation, and healthy communities everywhere.

Ensuring Sustainability: The Safe Routes Partnership strives to be a thriving nonprofit organization with consistent support at all levels and serves as an anchor for the Safe Routes to School movement, ensuring continuous improvement in policies, programs and practices for Safe Routes to School, active transportation and healthy communities across the nation.