Announcement – Leadership Update at Safe Routes Partnership

Managing Directors Marisa and Dave

Dear Safe Routes Community,

We want to inform you of a recent change in our leadership. Kimberlyn Clarkson stepped down from her role as Executive Director in February. We wish her well in her future endeavors.

As a valued member of our community, you know organizational leadership has been core to our mission since Founder Deb Hubsmith led the vision to create a more walkable, bikeable, and healthy world, especially for children. Today, that legacy continues with each member of our incredible Safe Routes Partnership team. The board of directors has appointed senior staff members Marisa Jones (Policy and Partnership Director) and Dave Cowan (Consulting and Program Support Director) as managing directors. 

With more than twenty-five years of combined experience in safe routes, we are confident that Marisa and Dave will make an effective co-leadership team. Both will continue in their policy and program roles, respectively, in addition to their new duties as co-managing directors. Marisa leads our national partnerships and federal strategy, and Dave leads our work in practice at the state and local level. We are immensely grateful for their leadership and for the continued engagement and dedication of our entire team.

We thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for safe routes. Your partnership is crucial to our collective success in creating safe, connected, and equitable places for kids and community members to walk and wheel. This October, we eagerly anticipate reconnecting with you at the 2024 Safe Routes to School National Conference in Fort Collins, Colorado.

We encourage you to connect with Marisa and Dave if you have any questions.

In partnership,


Erika Ewing, Chair
On Behalf of the Safe Routes Partnership Board of Directors